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The Power of Transformative Learning: How to Unlock Your Employees’ Potential
June 16, 2022

Transforming your employee’s learning experience has become a constant concern for businesses today. Everyone wants to get the most out of their employees, and transformational learning is one way of doing just that.By adopting transformative learning in your L&D strategy, you’ll help your learners gain more awareness about themselves as human beings, before being considered as employees.

Adapting your L&D strategy to cover the different dimensions of transformative learning can help you develop a growth mindset in your workforce and increase productivity. Let’s take a look at how to do that!

The elements of transformational learning are split into three categories: Psychological, Behavioral and Convictional. The objective is to help your employees understand the different perspectives and approaches behind everything in order for them to apply these learnings efficiently.

Skillup MENA will allow your organization to use the latest trends in e-learning such as experiential learning and gamification for behavioral transformation as they are designed to motivate and engage learners in ways traditional methods cannot. 

Why You Need A Transformation In Your Approach To Training

Everything is changing, and to stay competitive, you need to change your ways when it comes to training employees. These changes don’t need to be drastic, but they do need to reflect what your employees want. Millennials are becoming increasingly prominent in your workforce, and they differ from generations before them when it comes to their approach to training. It’s imperative that you understand how your employees learn best and make appropriate adjustments so that they can continue learning throughout their careers with your company.

What Does Transformation Mean For Organizations And Teams?

Transformation is not just another business buzzword. Rather, it represents a fundamental shift in organizational processes and philosophy – and it’s one that organizations are still grappling with today. Whether you know it or not, transformation will affect your team, your organization and your bottom line. Up-skilling employees is critical for any forward-thinking company seeking sustainable growth in these uncertain times. Here are three major areas to keep an eye on as companies reevaluate their training programs: company culture, existing skill gaps and your existing training processes and outcomes.

Putting Transformative Learning Into Practice

The power of transformative learning is not just a theory – change your ways and take your L&D Initiatives to the next level with SkillUp Mena by adapting and using transformative learning techniques to create an upskilled workforce.

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