Upskilling your workforce

upskiling your workforce - Skillup

We provide you with the content, know-how and guidance to implement successful and scalable L&D journeys

Upskill your workforce - SkillUp MENA

Keys to upskilling your workforce

Advanced courses - SkillUp MENA
Adaptive learning - SkillUp MENA

State-of-the-art Courses And Adaptive Learning

SkillUp allows you to design a genuinely configurable experience for your teams while depending on M-learning, micro learning, and the latest trends in e-learning, thanks to a content library of 80,000+ courses from the world’s top suppliers, coupled with the option to add your unique material.

Dedicated onboarding
And support

We make sure that your L&D activities are correctly executed and that you are getting the most out of SkillUp, with a comprehensive onboarding program and a super skilled team focusing on customer success to support you along the way.
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Advanced L&D reporting - SkillUp MENA

Tracking & reporting

Through Skillup’s robust reporting engine, you can track the progress of your teams and assess the success of your L&D plan in terms of minimizing the skills gap and meeting your business objectives.

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