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The main benefits of implementing an LMS in businesses
August 11, 2022

What Is an LMS?

An LMS – short for Learning Management System – is a software package designed to manage your employees’ training, learning, and development initiatives, with the primary goal of assisting L&D teams in managing the learning process.

It includes features such as administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery to ensure that both your employees and the HR department are on the same page. 

What are the benefits of an LMS?

  • Time-Saving

Implementing an LMS can save businesses up to 45% of their time.

It gives employees the precise information they require in an easy-to-understand format, while also powering them with a seamless navigation process to identify and address any learning gaps or needs.

  • Cost-Effective

Since employees  will complete all of their training online, businesses can save significantly on Learning and Development costs. By adopting an LMS, businesses will provide their employees with a scalable learning program, eliminating the need for managers and department heads to repeat the same training multiple times, which will allow them to concentrate on their important tasks. There will be no requirement to hire and pay for trainers, reserve a location, or add rooms.

  • Easy Performance and Progress Tracking

The solution tracks learners’ progress and ensures they meet their performance objectives. Businesses can use the reporting and analytics features of the LMS to identify areas of their eLearning course that need improvement as well as areas where it excels.

  • Better Onboarding Experience

A structured onboarding process increases an employee’s likelihood to be retained three years later by 58%, whereas a poor onboarding process causes 10% of employees to leave a company. With an LMS, businesses can create training programs that provide employees with all of the information they need to step into their responsibilities quickly and effectively.

  • Higher Employee Engagement and Retention Rate

According to the Work Institute, almost  1 in  4 workers think about quitting their jobs to advance their careers.

Thus, it is safe to say that with an LMS, managers can offer their teams room for growth and a clear career path to keep them on board and consequently decrease employees’ turnover.

  • Provides Consistency and Flexibility

The primary benefit of an LMS is that it allows businesses to provide consistent training to all of their employees, regardless of where they are located or what language they speak; this ensures that every employee has a consistent learning environment and room for growth.

  • Workload Prioritization

Instead of abandoning everything to rush to a destination at a set time, employees can incorporate learning into the breaks that naturally occur during their working hours.

All of these benefits are provided by SkillUp MENA, the ultimate learning and development platform that offers a cutting-edge integrated learning management system in just a matter of minutes.

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