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SkillUp MENA, Your Company’s Solution.
July 20, 2022

What is a Learning Path?

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A learning path directs learners from their current knowledge position to the desired future. It explains how businesses will help them achieve their long-term learning objectives and the path they will take to get there.

It divides the course material into manageable chunks, allowing employees to progress through each course more rapidly.

What are the benefits of a Learning Path?

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  • Increased Employee Retention: Workers are more inclined to stick with a company that offers them room for advancement. If the appropriate learning route is selected for them, employees will feel valued and will be progressing every day, which will motivate them to stay.
  • Upskilling the Workforce of Employees: With the proper onboarding and learning route, employees will have a high rate of productivity, enabling them to flourish in their roles and enhance their abilities.
  • Time-saving: Tasks take less time to complete when employees are more skilled and knowledgeable because they understand what needs to be done.
  • Boosts revenue: According to a logical cycle, when employees perform their duties well and complete tasks quickly, customers are happier and more devoted, resulting in an increase in revenue for businesses.

Thus, we can clearly see the benefits a learning path brings to both employees and customers. 

From employee onboarding to compliance training to upskilling and more, education is crucial to creating a productive and effective staff.

By offering a concentrated method of learning, learning paths enable you to speed up employee training. Using tools like SkillUp, you can share employee milestones and monitor their progress.

How Can We Design a Learning Path?

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  • Assess the requirements for training

You must first and foremost analyze your training needs. Consider the objectives of your learners and what they now lack in order to accomplish those objectives.

Businesses must consider the following when doing these assessments:

→ What are the greatest obstacles to their current learning?

→What is the current skill level of my employees? (Determine skill gaps)

  • Set your learning objectives

Decide what abilities, knowledge, and skills you want your employees to possess after completing your program.

This step identifies the audience, the tasks that will be performed, and the level of knowledge needed.

  •  Make milestones and steps

Include the steps you want your staff to follow in your learning route to further hone it. A smooth and enjoyable course progression is made possible by clearly defined steps and milestones.

  •  Execute and track your learning path

The process of designing the ideal learning path is ongoing. After you’ve created and implemented your learning route, you may assess its effectiveness and get employee feedback.

After designing a customized learning path that will help learners reach their goals, it is important to assess its reliability and efficiency.

What Characteristics Distinguish a Good Personalized Learning Path?

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  • Take into account various learning methods

When designing the learning route, create materials that accommodate various learning preferences. Think about producing a range of content, such as a blend of podcasts, videos, and image-rich content.

Take into account how each employee thinks about their learning process. Some need more time than others, and some need for a certain style of education to be followed up on. Some workers enjoy watching movies while others enjoy reading.

Because they recognize that every employee is different, SkillUp MENA offers a content center with over 85.000 courses to employees.

  • Shorter is always the way to go

One of the main advantages of a learning path is that it enables you to break the learning process up into more manageable sections.

By breaking up your course into manageable learning levels, you not only make it simpler to follow but also give it more flexibility. Employees can complete course modules one at a time, which gives them the flexibility to fit their study around other commitments. A learning path leads employees on an ongoing journey without presenting them with an excessive amount of knowledge at once.

  •  Tailor it to your industry

Employees ought to receive training tailored to their line of work. Engineering courses are not the same as information technology courses. We will go over how businesses can profit from tailoring courses based on industry to ensure that the correct staff receive the appropriate training. 

SkillUp, a platform with a vast hub of content, allows for personalization based on service provided by the industry.

And now, are you ready to design your learning path?

The ultimate L&D platform available for organizations today, SkillUp MENA. It also provides a free consultant for the duration of the membership period. The ideal learning route that meets each person’s needs can be created with the assistance of SkillUp.

SkillUp is committed to help lots of businesses with their journey to create successful paths. 

In fact, it has already aided a lot of companies such as Saco, Smasco, Nada, GWC, Shaker Groupe and many more! 

SkillUp is committed to keep on helping businesses with their journeys and upskill their employees’ workforce and build a culture of learning.Got any more questions? book a demo to talk with SkillUp’s experts and get on-board with us!

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