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Online Learning, the Future is Here!
August 31, 2022

With the drastic changes the world is experiencing, every institution is implementing adaptive solutions to ensure continuity. The ability to learn and expand personal knowledge have been majorly affected.

However, with online learning, the solution is here!

Overview of Online Learning

Online learning has altered how people use the internet and their time at work. In fact, according to recent studies, 90% of businesses now use online learning, up from 4% in 1995, while 68% of employees choose on-the-job learning.

What are the benefits of online learning?

  • Flexible and Accessible

Employees are free to study whenever and however they choose.

In fact, the ease of acquiring academic topics at home is provided through online learning. It can be carried out simultaneously with ease and on top of that, it provides a stress-free learning experience since workers may study at their own speed.

Employees are teached independence through this learning method especially for those who cannot commit to a certain time.

  • Customized Learning Experience

The learning experience that employees have online may be tailored to meet their specific needs.

How is that possible? The majority of online courses permit one employee per course, allowing more contact-time and participation, enhancing the learning experience. 

Also, it permits greater access to a range of materials, including images, videos, eBooks, and other media tools.

  • Cost-effective

Because it is simple to use and less expensive, online learning is much more widely available to employees.

It also saves up material cost of learning in-person including locations.
In terms of payment, frequent several installments through different methods are feasible for better budgeting management. Only at the start would SkillUp MENA purchase seats for the employees.

  • Wide Range of Course Options

There are a limitless number of disciplines and skills that may be taught and learned because of Skillup’s content hub’s size and scope. The formal certificate may be easily obtained by employees and posted to their online profiles on sites like LinkedIn. That will support demonstrating the reliability and expertise of personnel.

  • Promotes high retention rate

There is a 25–60% boost in retention rate when employees participate in an online learning program, according to many studies.

With online instruction, learners often have the freedom to master subjects at their own speed. Employees get lifelong access to the courses offered to them, which they may utilize anytime they feel like brushing up on their knowledge.

They will also have better attachment to their company since they will believe that there are prospects for growth within it. Due to their increased expertise, employees won’t feel overburdened by any new information or responsibilities that are assigned to them.

With SkillUp MENA, get the best online learning experience!

The best L&D platform, SkillUp MENA, features a content hub with more than 85.000 courses. Throughout the membership period, it offers a free consultation service. The consultant will assist the company in selecting the appropriate staff and courses for them.

It provides organizations with a service of customization that generates a tailored experience for each employee depending on his/her degree of expertise and knowledge.

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